Catalyst Serverless Circuits is a component that is a part of the Catalyst development platform that helps to orchestrate tasks and automate workflows. You can enable concurrent or sequential executions of Catalyst functions in a circuit, and additionally include conditions, data, and paths in the workflow, to define a repeatable pattern of activities that achieves a business outcome. This section covers the various SDK methods that can be used to implement the circuits component in your Catalyst application.

Note: Circuits is currently not available to Catalyst users accessing from the EU, AU, IN, or CA data centres.

Get a component instance

A component instance is an object that can be used to access the pre-defined configurations specific to a particular component. This process will not fire a server-side call.

The app reference used in the code below is the Python object returned as a response during SDK initialization. You can create a new circuitinstance as shown below. Also note that this component instance will be used in multiple scenarios while implementing the circuit component in your application.

#Get a circuit component instance circuit = app.circuit()

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