Catalyst Cloud Scale ZCQL is Catalyst’s own query language that enables you to perform data retrieval, insertion, updation, and deletion operations on the tables in the Catalyst Cloud Scale Data Store. You can execute a variety of DML queries using ZCQL to obtain or manipulate data, and use various clauses and statements such as the SQL Join clauses, Groupby and OrderBy statements, and built-in SQL functions.

Get a Component Instance

A component instance is an object that can be used to access the predefined configurations specific to a particular component. This process will not fire a server-side call.

The app reference used in the code below is the Python object returned as a response during SDK initialization. Also note that this instance will be used in multiple scenarios while performing retrieval, insertion, updation or deletion operations in the Catalyst Data Store.

#Get a ZCQL component instance zcql_service = app.zcql()

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