Catalyst Logs is a Catalyst DevOps component that displays the logs of all Catalyst function executions. You can view the logs to check for errors in function executions, along with other necessary execution information of the execution. Logs enable you to access the records of all successful and failed function executions instantly after they are executed, including the functions that were executed internally. This helps you identify bugs in your code easily and resolve problem areas during the testing phase of your Catalyst application.

Catalyst offers native support for logging function executions of both Java, Node.js and Python platforms. Logs display the execution history of all six types of Catalyst functions : Basic I/O, Advanced I/O, Event, Cron, Integration and Browser Logic functions.

You can manually push specific events or data to logs while writing a Catalyst function of any function type or for any platform. You can do this to push exceptions and errors that you anticipate in the function’s execution. This is usually done by including a single statement in the function definition. You can also define the severity level of each error that is pushed to the logs.

Catalyst Logs are fundamentally of two types:

  • Access Logs: These contain the log details of an external access layer of a function’s execution. The functions that are usually invoked manually by the users are logged in this layer. This type is applicable only for Basic I/O, Advanced I/O, Integration and Browser Logic Catalyst functions.
  • Application Logs: These contain the log details of an internal application layer of a function’s execution. These include the functions that are invoked manually by the users, or executed internally by the application. This log type is applicable for all types of Catalyst functions.

Catalyst retains the logs of function executions for seven days in the Development environment, and fourteen days in the Production environment. You will be able to access the logs of all executions in these time periods in the Development and Production environments respectively.

Note: While Catalyst Logs provide basic information about your function executions, Application Performance Monitoring is an enhancement to Catalyst Logs which provides in-depth detailed insights of the function executions and enables you to monitor your functions in a better way. You can enable APM for your project and access detailed performance reports and statistics of your functions.

You can learn more about the other components of the DevOps service from this page.

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