All other Catalyst components are offered free of charge for you to configure and work with in the Development environment. You will generally be asked to set up Catalyst payments while you deploy an application to Production.

However, as mentioned in the Introduction, since Automation Testing is only accessible in the Development environment and not in Production, Catalyst provides this component as partially paid in the Development environment.

The criteria on which Automation Testing is price is the number of test runs that are executed in this component. A single test run is the execution of one test case. In other words, each test case execution listed in the Results section in the Details of a Particular Test Run level is counted as one test run.

For example, if Test Plan A includes a few suites that contain 20 test cases in total, and Test Plan A has executed 3 times overall, then that would make the total number of test runs as 60. In this way, the number of test cases executed in each test plan during each execution is counted, to determine the total number of test runs.

Catalyst offers the first 500 test runs for free. The Free trial runs left count on the bottom of Automation Testing page in all sections constantly displays the number of free test runs remaining out of 500.


This will show the updated count after each test run has executed. When this limit is exhausted, Catalyst will begin charging for each test run from thereon. You can view the exact cost and other details from the Pricing section on our website.

If you have not previously set up Catalyst payments before, you must add your card to enable Catalyst payments. You can click on the Free trial runs left count to open a pop-up window.


You can then click on Add Card button to set up the payment method. Refer to the Billing help document for detailed help on setting up Catalyst payments and managing billing.

Once you have exhausted your 500 free trial runs limit, Catalyst will also display a banner on top of the Automation Testing page with an Add Card button.

After you have set up the payment method, the free trial runs will not be displayed in the bottom.

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