1. Instant Email Alerts

    Catalyst sends instant emails to the configured recipients based on the set frequency. This allows you to be updated of bugs in your cron or event listener configurations, or in any function executions as soon as they are caught, enabling you to address and resolve them immediately. You can add up to 10 notifiers to receive alerts, which this is extremely useful in dividing or delegating error handling tasks for immediate bug fixes.
  2. Automation in Error Handling

    Application Alerts help you completely avoid manual error checking and error handling tasks. You need not invest effort to keep an eye on the components or function performances from the console manually. This automation reduces human intervention and saves valuable time, which you can make use of to focus on enhancing your application even more. Application Alerts is a highly beneficial tool that contributes to improving the testing and maintenance phases of your application development.
  3. Alerts of All Function Execution Logs

    The convenience of automating and being notified of logs searches based on custom queries is highly useful in keeping track of any function execution you require. This includes functions of all types, such as Basic I/O, Advanced I/O, or Integration functions. You can filter the logs based on your requirements, and be alerted of specific events by searching for keywords or specific log levels.

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