Application Alerts


Catalyst Application Alerts is a Catalyst DevOps component that helps you to send email alerts each time there are failures or specific event occurrences in any of the following Catalyst components:

You can learn more about the other components of the DevOps service from this page.

You can associate multiple entities of these components in a single alert, or configure multiple alerts for your use case. You can customize the criteria and frequency of an alert, and configure other details based on your needs. Catalyst will listen for the specified occurrences in the associated entities, and will send alerts based on the frequency you set.

The email alerts are sent to the email addresses that you specify to be notified for a particular alert. The alerts contain necessary details of the events that provide context for you to act upon immediately.

Application Alerts enable you to keep track of function and component failures in your Catalyst application, and be informed of them as soon as they occur. Combined with other tools that enable you to monitor components and function performances in Catalyst, Application Alerts help you obtain critical information and act on them instantly, providing a reliable application usage experience to your application users.

Note: You will be able to create up to 5 application alerts in the developer environment, and up to 20 alerts in the production environment.

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