1. Instant, Contextual, and Discernable Insights into Function Characteristics

    APM provides both a bird’s-eye glance and detailed reports of all the performance and dynamic aspects of your functions, in a well structured and organized manner. The information conveyed is presented in a user-friendly layout that makes it easy for you to pinpoint the exact or potential problematic parts of your application, understand the areas that can be improved, and fix performance issues before they impact the end users of your applications.

  2. Improved Application Testing and Diagnostics

    APM enhances the application building process by speeding up application testing. Since the process of fetching key data about your application’s performance is completely automated and handled by Catalyst, it makes your job easier as you need not implement trace and monitoring services manually. You can detect, diagnose, and resolve failures in your microservices as and when they occur, enabling you to deliver value through your service. APM helps you provide curated, seamless user experiences, and associate a refined application performance with successful business outcomes.

  3. Fine-Grained Component Usage Trace

    APM provides a ready-to-use component usage trace that is highly beneficial in identifying specific configuration issues in the Catalyst components invoked by the functions in your application. You can obtain fundamental, drilled-down performance reports of the dependent component instances incorporated using the SDKs in your functions, which capture the application context in depth. You can pick out the components that execute the slowest or the longest function run times, and work on their core problems. You can also identify issues that occur user-wise, and build solutions for them.

  4. Ease of Access

    Catalyst eliminates the need for you to perform any actions to integrate APM in your applications. All you would need to do is enable APM in the console with the click of a button. Catalyst will work in the background to fetch data from the servers and produce it in APM in the console. You can access updated information and monitor your functions live, any time you need.

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