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Catalyst DevOps Help Documentation

Discover DevOps components for application monitoring, testing, and operations management.
Catalyst DevOps contains tools that help you operate your code at scale and perform quality checks.


Browse through frequently asked questions and find quick solutions to common queries and challenges on working with Catalyst DevOps.

What is Catalyst DevOps?
Catalyst DevOps is a Catalyst service that allows you to implement a DevOps model in your application building process, and it provides with components you can use to perform automated iterative testing, application monitoring and other debugging tools. You can familiarize yourself with Catalyst DevOps and its components from this help section.
What insights can I get from APM?
You will be able to monitor your application performance from APM. You will get the details about each of your function calls which you can use to optimize your function code. If you have accessed many of the Catalyst components and want to know on the where it takes more time to execute, you will be able to identify each of the Catalyst component calls in a graphical format so that it would be helpful to optikize your logic in order to improve your overall application performance.
What is the key difference between Catalyst Logs and Catalyst Application Performance Monitoring?
Both Catalyst Logs and Catalyst Application Performance Monitoring are similar, but the Logs component provides basic information about your function executions while Application Performance Monitoring component gives you detailed information and enables you to monitor your functions more efficiently.
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