Application Performance Monitoring


Catalyst Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a Catalyst DevOps component that provides valuable and in-depth insights about the executions of the functions in your Catalyst application. APM enables you to monitor the standards of your functions, obtain critical statistics and reports of their executions, review and analyze that data to identify bugs and issues, and fix them instantaneously without comprising on app quality.

Note: Application Performance Monitoring is currently not available to users accessing from the CA (Canada) data center. If your account is created in the CA DC (, you will not be able to avail this feature.

While Catalyst Logs enables you to perform function logging and access the written logs of all function invocations, APM acts an enhancement to the standard logs and offers a multifaceted and informative view on function performances.

You can learn more about the other components of the DevOps service from this page.

APM performs automatic monitoring of all five types of functions (Basic I/O, Advanced I/O, Cron, Event, and Browser Logic) in the programming environments of (Java and Node.js ) in your Catalyst application.

Note: Catalyst APM currently does not support Serverless functions created in the Python programming environment. You will only be able to track and monitor Java and Node.js functions.

You can obtain the following comprehensive analytics for your functions, based on several performance monitoring metrics:

  • Function-specific graphs on the number of invocations and errors, as well as the response time of each execution for a selected period of time
  • An aggregated report on the response times of all functions grouped together, for better insights
  • A list of the top hundred slowest function calls for a selected period of time, for easier identification of problem areas
  • A list of all function invocations with essential meta data and response details
  • Drilled down component usage information, such as the component calls made by the functions, the slowest performing components, detailed component usage trace, and other related data, in a cohesive visual format

After you enable APM for your project, this information will be pushed to the Catalyst servers and you will be able to access them from the Catalyst console. You can also disable APM any time if you do not require Catalyst to track function executions, and re-enable it when needed.

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