Use Cases

Barcodes are widely used in various industrial, manufacturing, commercial, and service sectors for a variety of purposes. The following are some use cases for Zia Barcode Scanner:

  • An inventory management application implements Zia Barcode Scanner to label products in an electronics supplier company. The details and information of the products, such as their unique identification numbers, price, dates of manufacture, and brands, are entered and stored in the Catalyst Data Store. The information about a specific item can easily be obtained by scanning its barcode, as the item identifier refers to the database and fetches its details.

  • An digital wallet and payment application implements Zia Barcode Scanner to scan QR codes in retail outlets to obtain the payee information of the outlet easily. Customers can open the Catalyst application and scan the QR codes, which redirects them to the integrated payment platform. They can then quickly pay the bill amount through an online transaction.

Barcode Scanner can also be implemented in the following scenarios:

  • A ticketing application in a multiplex or a stadium that scans the customer’s QR codes to verify the tickets that were booked online
  • A file sharing application that establishes connections with other devices by scanning the QR codes generated on them, which is then used to transfer files
  • An equipment or product rental service application that scans the barcodes on the products when the customers return them to verify their identification
  • An application that enables the users to obtain information about a consumer product available in a public cloud by scanning its barcode, and provides suggestions for similar products or services available in the vicinity
  • A generic scanner application that enables users to scan both linear and 2D barcodes from any source to obtain the decoded content, and performs other activities like translating the content, redirecting hyperlinks, and sharing the content with their contacts through other integrated platforms

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