1. Automatic Type Detection

    Barcode Scanner can automatically detect the barcode type without requiring any input from the end user about the barcode type. However, the user can also specify the type while sending a request using the API, if they know it. When the barcode format is specified, the scanning and decoding processes happen faster, as it enables Zia to restrict its processing and analysis to the specified format alone.
  2. Orientation-Free

    Barcode Scanner enables flexibility in detecting and scanning barcodes from any angle or orientation in the image. For example, the barcodes can be rotated sideways or upside-down. This provides convenience to the user, as they need not spend time in orienting the image in a particular way.
  3. Rapid Performance

    Barcode Scanner generates the decoded content of a barcode instantly when the image is uploaded. Catalyst ensures a high throughput of data transmission and a minimal latency in serving requests. The fast response time enhances your application’s performance, and provides a satisfying experience for the end user.
  4. Seamless Integration

    You can easily implement Barcode Scanner in your application without having to worry about the underlying logic or the backend set-up. You can implement the ready-made code templates provided for the Java, Node.js and Python platforms in any of your Catalyst applications that requires the use of a barcode scanner.
  5. Testing in the Console

    The testing feature in the console enables you to verify the efficiency of Barcode Scanner. You can upload sample images with barcodes, and view the response results. This allows you to get an idea about the format and accuracy of the response that will be generated when you implement it in your application.

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