Barcode Scanner


Barcode Scanner is a Catalyst Zia Services component that enables you to scan standard barcode formats and obtain the encoded information. You can implement Barcode Scanner in your Catalyst application that would allow the end-users to read barcode data from real world objects such as posters, flyers, packaged products, or digital devices, and process it into the application in a fast and effective manner.

A barcode is a visual representation of data in a machine-readable format. Barcodes enable you to pass encoded data from a physical platform into a digital platform in a secure way. The identified data can then be saved in a database or used for further processing.

Zia Barcode Scanner can read the following fourteen types of barcode formats, which can be classified into two primary categories:

  • Linear or 1D Barcode Formats: Code 39, Code 128, Code 93, EAN-8, EAN-13, Codabar, ITF, UPC-A, UPC-E, RSS
  • 2D Barcode Formats: QR code, Aztec, PDF417, Data Matrix

Catalyst provides Barcode Scanner in the Java, Node.js and Python SDK packages, and you can integrate it in your Catalyst web or Android application. The Catalyst console provides easy access to code templates for these environments, which you can implement in your application’s code. You can also test Barcode Scanner using sample images and generate responses in the console.

You can refer to the Java SDK documentation, Node.js SDK documentation and Python SDK documentation for code samples of Barcode Scanner. Refer to the API documentation to learn about the API available for Barcode Scanner.

You can learn more about the other components of Catalyst Zia Services from this page.

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