1. Protect Community Users

    Image Moderation assists you in providing a safe and protected environment for your customers and application users. It helps you enforce compliance with legal standards, company policies, and general decorum. Catalyst enables you to maintain your brand and customer reputation by ensuring that images containing disturbing content like gore, substance abuse, pornography, and graphic adult content are not circulated in your application’s platform.

  2. Customized and Accurate Results

    The moderation modes in Image Moderation provide flexibility in detecting instances of specific categories of unsafe content, based on your requirements. The results are also generated with low error margins, as Zia’s training model is implemented with repeated systematic training using various machine learning techniques. Zia studies and analyzes large volumes of data to be able to perform complex analysis, ensuring that the results generated are precise, accurate, and reliable.

  3. Automatic Real-Time Monitoring

    Image Moderation enables you to perform real-time monitoring of the user generated content in your application. Catalyst saves the time and effort required in moderating content manually, by limiting or preventing human review. You can also process images with unsafe content in any way you need. For example, you can implement an additional manual review process, or code your application to delete the detected content automatically, and issue warnings to or terminate the accounts of the users that violate guidelines. This ensures that your application is monitored 24/7.

  4. Rapid Performance

    Image Moderation generates results instantaneously with a short turn-around time, as soon as the user-generated content is uploaded in your platform. Catalyst ensures a high throughput of data transmission, and a minimal latency in serving requests. The fast response time, state-of-the art infrastructure, and scalable resources ensure that it meets unanticipated spikes, and provides superior performance.

  5. Seamless Integration

    You can easily implement Image Moderation in your application without having to learn the complex processing of the algorithms or the backend set-up. You can implement the ready-made code templates provided for the Java, Node.js and Python platforms in any of your Catalyst applications that requires Image Moderation.

  6. Testing in the Console

    The testing feature in the console enables you to verify the efficiency of Image Moderation. You can upload sample images and view the results. This allows you to get an idea about the format and accuracy of the response that will be generated when you implement it in your application.

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