Use Cases

Text detection and recognition technologies are implemented in a wide range of applications and scenarios. The following are some use cases for Zia OCR:

  • A text conversion Android application implements Zia OCR to convert hand-written and hard copy text content into digital documents. The application scans a picture of the source text and it is processed for OCR where the content is broken down and individual characters are recognized and grouped. Catalyst then produces the final intelligible result within seconds which is displayed to the end user in the application. The user will now be able to edit, format, or search in the text file like any other digital document.
  • An application linked to traffic cameras that scans and reads license plate registration numbers of traffic rules offenders implements Zia OCR to read text from captured images of license plates. The images are uploaded automatically, and Zia performs OCR processing on them to decipher the registration numbers. The recognized registration numbers are processed further to obtain the identity of the vehicle owner. The application also stores the data in Catalyst Data Store tables.

Some other examples where Zia OCR can be implemented include:

  • An application that recognizes text in image files and converts them to PDFs with the text, or vice-versa.
  • An application that enables you to quickly digitize your Aadhaar cards and bank passbooks and store them as PDF files.
  • A crime investigation application that scans crime scene photos for textual content such as from street signs, billboards, or graffiti.
  • Applications that digitize magazines, journals, contracts, pamphlets or posters by scanning hard copies of them.

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