1. Highly Accurate Results
    Zia undergoes repeated systematic training to generate results with higher accuracy and a lower error margin. The AI is trained using various machine learning algorithms to perform complex computations and analysis. The training model is highly vigorous, which means it studies and analyzes large volumes of data, and this ensures that the results generated are precise, accurate, and reliable.

  2. Confidence Score for Each Recognized Object
    The confidence score provided for each recognized object helps the user verify the level of accuracy of the result. The end user can analyze the confidence score and make informed decisions. The confidence score also helps them decide on providing better quality input for more accurate results.

  3. Rapid Performance
    Object Recognition generates results almost instantaneously when the image is uploaded. Catalyst ensures a high throughput of data transmission and a minimal latency in serving requests. The fast response time enhances your application’s performance, and provides a satisfying experience for the end user.

  4. Seamless Integration
    You can easily implement Object Recognition in your application without having to learn the complex processing of the machine learning algorithms or the backend set-up. You can implement the ready-made code templates provided for the Java, Node.js and Python platforms in any of your Catalyst applications that requires Object Recognition.

  5. Testing in the Console
    The testing feature in the console enables you to verify the efficiency of Object Recognition. You can upload sample images and view the results. This allows you to get an idea about the format and accuracy of the response that will be generated when you implement it in your application.

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