Use Cases

Object Recognition is increasingly being used in a wide range of applications. The following are some use cases for Zia Object Recognition:

  • A real-time people tracking application uses Zia Object Recognition to count the crowd from live images captured through surveillance cameras or drone cameras. The cameras capture and produce images of the crowd inside a mall, a store, an event, or a festival and process them using Catalyst. Combined with Zia Face Analytics, this application detects the gender and age of the people in the venue, to analyze the demographics of the visitors, the pattern of their visits, and determines the success of the event.
  • A traffic monitoring application implements Zia Object Recognition to analyze the images captured in traffic cameras to identify offenders of traffic rules and parking rules, and instances of road accidents. Since Zia can recognize stop signs, traffic signals, parking meters, common vehicles, people, the application is coded to quickly identify these objects, analyze their positions in the image, and issue alerts for specific violations.

Some other examples where Zia Object Recognition can be implemented include:

  • An application that processes images captured in motion tracking cameras to determine movements of sports balls, skateboards, Frisbee, surfboards using their positions in the images.
  • An application that processes the images captured on surveillance cameras installed on forest roads that detects the presence and movements of animals using motion detection, and recognizes individual species from the images.
  • An application that processes images captured in crime scenes to detect and label objects in them, assisting in automating and streamlining forensic analysis.
  • An application that processes images captured in retail outlets to determine the popularity and customer interest of specific products based on the count of people in specific sections of the store.

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