Use Cases

Image Moderation is strongly required in applications that allow user-generated content to be freely circulated. The following are some use cases for Zia Image Moderation:

  • A social media application that enables users to post pictures in their profiles implements the moderate mode of Image Moderation to monitor the images about to be published, as soon as the users click “Upload”. This monitoring process happens in the background, and Zia instantly detects images containing explicit nudity and racy content. The application’s logic is coded to delete them automatically, and issue warnings to the users that uploaded the inappropriate content.
  • A website implements a child-friendly version, and requires the content distributed in it to be strictly monitored for all instances of gore, nudity, weapons, drugs, and racy content. It uses the advanced mode of Image Moderation to monitor and automatically delete all inappropriate content, to ensure a safe space for minors to use the website freely without parental guidance.

Image Moderation can also be implemented in the following scenarios:

  • Applications that implement graphic warning and image covering for instances that contain gore or nudity.
  • Applications that enforce respect towards cultural and religious beliefs by preventing offensive images to be published.
  • Apps created for professional and educational environments.
  • Child-friendly apps and websites.
  • Blogging or social media applications that enable users to upload content without admin review.
  • Apps enforcing prevention of cyberbullying and pornographic material distribution.

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