Use Cases

Document Processing and E-KYC are implemented in a wide range of applications and scenarios. The following are some use cases where Identity Scanner can be implemented:

  • Consumer apps that require identity verification from the app users for creating their user accounts can process any of their ID proofs to verify their identity.
  • Age-restricted services or products that cannot be made available for minors can use Identity Scanner to verify the customer’s age.
  • E-commerce apps or delivery services that require proof of identity before delivering packages to users can implement E-KYC.
  • Event organizer or venue management services that need to identify individuals before allowing them to attend events can use E-KYC.
  • Products or services rental apps that require customers to submit an identity proof or a cheque leaf for the services to be rendered.
  • Localized services that can only cater to certain demographics or users based on specific geographic locations can verify their users addresses.
  • Apps in the financial sector, such as banking, investments, share trading or crypto-currency trading apps that require their customers to provide identity or financial proofs such as PAN cards.
  • Services that allow payments through cheques and require customers to submit a cheque leaf as a proof of the payment made.
  • Any banking, business, or economic apps that require the front pages of bank passbooks to be processed as a proof of identity or of a bank account.
  • Services that require the users to click and submit a photograph of theirs on the spot to verify their identity with a previously submitted ID proof using E-KYC.
  • Microservices that enable digitization of identity proofs or documents.

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