1. Seamless Integration of Identity Verification Feature

    Identity Scanner enables you to perform all aspects of an individual’s identity check and verification under a single banner. You can easily implement all the elements of Identity Scanner in your application without having to worry about the underlying logic or the backend set-up, by incorporating the ready-made code templates provided for the Java and Node.js platforms.

  2. Multiple Language Support

    The multiple Indian and international language support offered by Catalyst for document processing allows you to process a variety of ID or financial transaction proofs, including passbooks of international banks or Aadhaar cards of any Indian state. The automatic detection of all supported languages in a passbook in case of non-specification enhances ease and efficiency.

  3. Accurate Results through Advanced Training

    Zia is an AI-driven assistant that undergoes repeated systematic training to generate results with higher accuracy and a lower error margin. The AI is trained using various ML and deep-learning techniques, and advanced facial recognition and data analysis models, to perform complex computations and analysis. The training models are highly vigorous, which means Zia studies large volumes of data and training sets, and this ensures that the results generated are precise, accurate, and reliable.

  4. Instantaneous Response

    Catalyst processes files and generates results in a fast and effective manner. Catalyst servers are built on Zoho’s architecture, and they ensure a high throughput of data transmission and minimal latency in serving requests. They scale up or down based on the demand, which allows you to build and serve applications on all consumption levels. The quick response time enhances your app’s performance, and provides a high-end experience for the app’s users.

  5. Testing in the Console

    The testing feature in the console enables you to verify the efficiency of Identity Scanner. You can upload sample files for E-KYC and for each document processing model, and view a JSON response, as well as a simplified response. This allows you to get an idea about the format and accuracy of the response of the component.

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