Identity Scanner


Identity Scanner is a Catalyst Zia Services component that enables you to perform secure identity checks on individuals and documents by scanning and processing various ID proofs or official documents.

Note: Catalyst does not store any of the files you upload in its systems. The documents you upload are used for one-time processing only. They are not used for ML model training purposes either. Catalyst components are fully compliant with all applicable data protection and privacy laws.

Identity Scanner can be considered as a comprehensive suite that incorporates multiple Zia AI components like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), data extraction, face detection, and face comparison.

Identity Scanner performs the following two major tasks that are divided into individual functionalities in the component:

  • E-KYC: Compares two faces in two different images to determine if they are the same individual. This will enable you to verify an individual’s identity from their ID proof by comparing it with an existing photo of theirs.
  • Document Processing: Reads information from Indian Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, cheques, and passbooks, and extracts fields of data from the document. It can automatically detect and recognize textual content in multiple Indian and international languages, based on the model type.

These features provide you with the flexibility of implementing an overall identity check processor in your Catalyst application through a single component. You can both extract information from an individual’s ID proof and verify its authenticity by processing the photo in it.

The parameters recognized and extracted from the ID proofs and supported documents, and the results of the E-KYC processing, are presented as JSON responses, along with confidence scores for some of them that inform you of the result’s accuracy. You can choose to store the recognized data or process it further in any way you require.

Catalyst offers Identity Scanner in the Java, Node.js and Python environments, and provides you with SDK code that you can easily integrate in your Catalyst application. You can find these code templates in the Catalyst console.

The console also enables you to test Identity Scanner by uploading sample photographs of individuals, their IDs, or supported documents, and view the response.

You can refer to the Java SDK documentation, Node.js SDK documentation and Python SDK documentation for code samples of Identity Scanner in those environments. Refer to the API documentation to learn about the APIs available for Identity Scanner.

You can learn more about the other components of Catalyst Zia Services from this page.

  • Document Processing is only relevant to Indian users and is only available in the IN DC (Indian Data Center). This feature will not be available to users accessing from the EU, AU, US, or CA data centers. Users outside of India from the other DCs can access the general OCR component to read and process textual content.

  • E-KYC is available as Facial Comparison in the Java, Node.js and Python SDK packages, and as an API. The Facial Comparison SDKs and API are available for all users globally. You can use Facial Comparison to compare two images and verify if the faces in both the images match.

  • The AADHAAR, PASSBOOK, PAN, CHEQUE models were earlier available as sub-features of the general OCR component in the SDK toolkits and as APIs. They are now a part of the Identity Scanner suite. You can now also test all these models from the console.

  • Catalyst also provides a Zia Face Analytics feature that is available to all users globally. This performs advanced computational analytics on faces detected in images to determine the individual’s age, gender, and expression. Refer to the Face Analytics help page to learn more.

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