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Explore a host of ML and AI-powered microservices that you can readily incorporate in your app.
Catalyst Zia Services include components like OCR, Text Analytics, Image Moderation, and more.



Access independent, pre-packaged solutions that you can implement in your logic. You can easily install a microservice from the library and leverage its functionality.

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Browse through frequently asked questions and find quick solutions to common queries and challenges on working with Catalyst Zia Services.

What are the supported languages in Catalyst OCR?
Optical Character Recognition supports 9 International languages and 10 Indian languages. You can learn more about the entire list of supported languages from this page.
What is the difference between AutoML and QuickML?
AutoML enables you to easily analyse a set of training data and generate predictive analytics on the dataset without requiring you to be involved in the complex ML training process that involves selecting the right ML algorithms to train the model, preprocessing or profiling the data, or managing the models. Catalyst implements the required model training, and automates the entire process for you. QuickML on the other hand provides you more control in managing ML and data operations, and lets you build, test, deploy, and monitor effective ML models end-to-end. You will be able to perform a host of data preprocessing and transformation operations, pick the ML algorithms for training, and design the pipeline exactly as you need, all with no coding involved.
Does Catalyst store my data for training purposes?
No, your data will not used for ML model training purposes. Catalyst does not store any of the files you upload in its systems. The files you upload are used for one-time processing only. Catalyst components are fully compliant with all applicable data protection and privacy laws.
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