Use Cases

Face detection, age detection, emotion detection, and gender detection technologies are implemented in a wide range of applications and scenarios. The following are some use cases for Zia Face Analytics:

  • A job portal application requires the applicants to upload their own photographs for their online profile. The app implements Face Analytics to determine the age range and gender of the applicant using the photograph they upload. If the predicted age range and gender do not match with the age and gender details provided by the applicant, the app flags the image and requests the applicant to provide a different photograph or submit an identity proof for verification.
  • A security application that analyzes images captured and provided by a network of security cameras in a retail outlet implements Face Analytics to locate human presence using face detection coordinates, in case of break-ins, robberies or shop lifting. The application also processes multiple images to determine the gender and age range of the faces, to identify the demographics of the perpetrators better.

Face Analytics can also be implemented in the following scenarios:

  • Security application linked to a surveillance camera outside a pub or a restro-bar to detect and deny entry to minors.
  • An application that analyzes images from events and gatherings to draw statistics on the customer demographics based on the attendees.
  • A cyber security application that monitors the illegal usage and distribution of photographs of minors in social media platforms.
  • An application that processes images captured by security cameras in a retail store to analyze customer satisfaction based on smile detection.

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