Use Cases

  • Lead generation is a vital task in business development. Manually collecting publicly listed contact information from each of the prospective clients’ websites is a demanding and time-consuming task. You can quickly and effectively perform this task by engineering allowed crawling and scrapping data from permitted websites.

  • Competitor analysis is another vital facet of business development. If you wish to understand how well-received your competitor’s product is in the market or what their user-end pain points are, you would have to visit their product-list section manually and go through each of their user reviews and ratings in their website. This is, again, a time-consuming and demanding task. You can quickly accomplish this task by engineering a browser logic function to automatically navigate to the permitted site and perform crawling and scraping tasks. You can also engineer the browser logic function to collect only the highest rated and lowest rated reviews and store them in a CSV file to analyze them later.

  • Sometimes, you may receive emails from untrustworthy sources that contain a lot of hyperlinks and buttons. If you wish to check if the links or buttons are safe to visit, you can engineer a Browser Logic function that takes the content of the email as the input. You can code the function to hit the URLs of the links and buttons remotely, without compromising your safety or exposing your data, which can then produce a message that informs you of the safety of the links/buttons.

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