• You can generate visual documents of any webpage instantly and programmatically using its URL from the console without any additional coding requirements.

  • You can view the UI of any website or web application as it appears on popular smart devices of varying resolutions and screen sizes —mobiles, tablets, monitors, etc., by using the Screenshot feature.

  • You can implement additional CSS and JavaScript styling options to tailor the visual documents to your preference before generating PDFs or screenshots.

  • You can use the Templates component to customize and store templates of documents or webpages, and use the PDF and Screenshots to generate these visual documents with dynamic content.

  • You can generate PDFs of confidential documents by generating them as password protected PDFs, and the password can either be set by you manually or you can configure a logic that allows you to generate dynamic passwords.

  • You have multiple input options to use per your preference and you also have customizable options to generate the PDF or Screenshot a webpage per your preference.

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