Introduction to DevOps

DevOps is a bundle of tools, procedures, and practices that technically combines the development and operations aspect of any software application. The major software development methodologies includes the traditional waterfall model that implements a sequential application development flow, and the newer Agile model, which is completely iterative. These methodologies allowed an end-to-end development flow and a seamless delivery process with their own sets of challenges and constraints, especially in managing the operational efficiency of the software.

The DevOps approach complements and enhances the Agile development model in aspects of iteration, automation, and promoting cross-functional team collaborations, thereby improving the overall flexibility of the underlying process. The core focus of DevOps lies on incremental and iterative development achieved in sprints, better resource planning, rapid and smooth software release/delivery, which in turn increases the operational efficiency of your application. Another major part of DevOps is the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) mechanism.

Catalyst DevOps

Catalyst DevOps is a service that provides you with components that cater to functionalities such as application logging, monitoring, quality testing, and continuous integrations, all within a single integrated environment.

Catalyst DevOps is a part of the Catalyst development platform that bundles together multiple on-demand, programmable backend services. Each of these fully-functional services is comprised of multiple components.

Note : You can explore all the other Catalyst components under various Catalyst services, such as Catalyst Cloud Scale, Catalyst Serverless, Catalyst Zia Services, and more.

Catalyst, as a whole, serves as a complete end-to-end solution that provides services right from an application’s development and testing phase, to its deployment and monitoring phase. The setup and management of the underlying server resources utilized for these applications are handled entirely by Catalyst, thereby completely eliminating the infrastructure, maintenance costs, and efforts from your end. Catalyst services can either be used independently, or be integrated with one another to build highly-functional, robust applications and micro services from scratch.

Catalyst DevOps components can be accessed from a unified and user-friendly remote console that enhances your user experience and enriches collaboration between team members contributing to an application. DevOps also eases your efforts during your application’s post-deployment and maintenance phases, and is helpful throughout its lifecycle.

You can access certain functionalities of the DevOps components in your application seamlessly through their API endpoints.

You can quickly get started with Catalyst DevOps using this quick start guide.

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