Use Cases

  • Testing is crucial to the success of an application. Testing also requires a lot of hardware support, which consumes a lot of resources that are sometimes not affordable by businesses. Implementing SmartBrowz’s Headless, you can test the functionality of your application in any memory configuration of the browser. Given that Headless is powered by the Catalyst cloud environment and backed by Zoho’s powerful infrastructure, you can test your application without incurring the burden of hardware availability and in a robust, reliable, secure environment.

  • Hyperlinks greatly enhance the SEO of your website. But sometimes, your website can contain broken hyperlinks, which in turn can reduce its credibility. You can code a Browser Logic function to crawl and scrape all the links present in the Headless browser. Using Browser Logic, you can engineer your logic in the recipe to hit the URLs of all the scraped hyperlinks and store the links that produce a “404 Error message” in a CSV file. You can then use this CSV file to fix all the broken links.

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