Key Concepts

Ensure you are familiar with the following terms and concepts so you can efficiently utilize the Headless component: catalyst_smartbrowz_headless_endpoint_highlit

  • Webdriver Endpoint: This endpoint is generated by Catalyst and it is available for you to copy from the console. You need to use this secure endpoint in your code to connect to the remote browser in the Catalyst environment with automation libraries like Selenium.

  • CDP Endpoint: This secure endpoint is also generated by Catalyst and is similarly present in the console. You will need to use this endpoint in your code to connect to a headless browser in Catalyst environment with automation libraries like Pupetteer, or Playwright.

Note: When you copy the required endpoints, the endpoints will automatically contain the API KEY. This API KEY is auto-configured and handled by Catalyst entirely. This key authenticates your access to these endpoints in a secure manner.
  • Code Recipes: These are generic code snippets that perform tasks like crawling, scraping, testing, and other browser automation tasks that you can test in the Catalyst cloud environment. You can implement these recipes using a browser automation library and programming language of your choice. You can also build upon these recipes and include additional functionalities, or customize them tailored to your requirements. The required code snippets of these recipes are available in the console and you can also find them in this GitHub repository.

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