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SmartBrowz Help Documentation

Explore components that enable you to connect and manage a headless remote browser in the Catalyst cloud environment.
You can also engineer functions to perform browser tasks through code, and generate visual documents of any webpage.


Browse through frequently asked questions and find quick solutions to common queries and challenges on working with Catalyst SmartBrowz.

What is the use of Browser Logic function over the other function types?
You will have to create the browser instance using its CDP endpoint from other type of functions to connect to headless. Whereas, the browser object is supplied to you directly in the browserlogic functions. You can directly use that. Browser will not have a timeout in a browserlogic function in local debugging. However, browser logic function will have a max timeout of 30 sec in development.
How do I configure the browser headless memory?
You can modify the memory from console. Upto 1024 MB can be configured.
How do I create a PDF from a HTML page with placeholder values supplied dynamically?
You can create a template from the Catalyst console. You have to design your template by using HTML, CSS, and JS. You can then pass the placeholders as a JSON and supply the data to the Smartbrowz Java, Node.js, or Python SDK in order to generate PDF from the HTML templates.
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