Use Cases

  • In the current market, there are countless smart devices that people use to work out of or consume content. It is important to produce a web application that performs optimally across all these devices. But to test your application on all these devices is time-consuming, and requires a lot of expensive resources. Here, by using the Select Device option in the Screenshot feature of PDF & Screenshot, you can view how your UI appears in all the popular PDAs.

  • A great way for a business to educate their users is by conducting workshops. Providing a “Certificate of Accomplishment” is a great way to incentivize the users and add credibility to your brand. However, generating these certificates can be a redundant and time-consuming task. By implementing the Templates component in a microservice, you can design certificates with dynamic content and take PDFs or screenshots of it using the PDF & Screenshot component.

  • Generating confidential documents like payslips, invoices, or any other pertinent HR document is a common process in any company. These documents tend to follow a standard layout that contains dynamic values and privacy is the strictest requirement for these type of documents. Since these documents are generally sent to employees or vendors through email, if these documents do not have the right safeguards they can be compromised. Manually preparing and distributing these documents to right recipients while ensuring confidentiality can be a difficult task. Using the Templates and the PDF & Screenshot components, companies can now generate documents that are password protected. You can configure and design the ideal template, load dynamic values and generate the required document as a password protected PDF. Furthermore, you can set the password to be generated dynamically, ensuring that the generated password is strong and only opened by the right users.

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