• Build applications that have no scaling restrictions: A primary concern you will face during post-production will be handling scaling on demand, and at the same time ensuring that the cost incurred is optimized by not having to pay for server downtime. However, Catalyst Cloud Scale comes equipped with auto scaling. Cloud Scale handles the backend infrastructure and server requirements by automatically allocating required resources during high traffic and killing instances when they are not utilized.

  • A flexible development environment: Catalyst Cloud Scale ensures you have a hassle-free and flexible development environment. You can either use the Cloud Scale components from the console or access it through code using Catalyst APIs. You can also build and deploy applications locally using the CLI. All of the components are free when used in the development environment. Using function templates and the boilerplate code aids you in cutting down setup time. From the console, you can also automate parts of your application by implementing components such as Cron and Event Listeners.

  • Host your application with ease: You can use the Web Client Hosting component to host your client component as a web app. You can host different versions of your application and easily manage versioning requirements like hosting an updated version or rolling back to an older version. Furthermore, using the Domain Mappings component you can map the application’s domain with the production URL of the Catalyst application and let users access the application securely through that domain. You can also easily host your application as an Android, iOS, or a Flutter application using Mobile Device Management.

  • Storage made simple: The Data Store component is a powerful cloud-based relational database management system. You can easily perform any data manipulation you require directly from the console or even using the Query Console. Using the File Store component you can store app data in the form of folders, and Cache is an ephemeral storage component you can employ to ensure that actively used data is retrieved faster. All of the storage components do not require any complex coding or backend support as it is expertly handled by Catalyst Cloud Scale. You can use the Data Store and File Store store to store sensitive user data, as it will be stored in a manner that is compliant with all relevant data and privacy protection laws, such as HIPAA and GDPR guidelines.

  • More than one authentication type: Using the Authentication component, you can securely add end-users to the application easily and ensure that access to your application and microservices is secure throughout. Catalyst Cloud Scale offers two native authentication types where Catalyst comprehensively handles the security component of your application. You also have the freedom to enable a third-party authentication service of your choice for your Catalyst application and manage it using the Cloud Scale Authentication component.

  • Access to the whole of Catalyst: By using Catalyst Cloud Scale, you will also have access to other services of Catalyst like Catalyst Zia Services and Catalyst DevOps. For instance, by signing up with Cloud Scale, you can easily add powerful AI services like Identity Scanner, Face Analytics to enhance your application.

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