Introduction to Catalyst Zia Services

Catalyst Zia services is a suite of fully managed AI/ML-powered components that can be readily incorporated to build smart and reliable applications. These components help detect, process, or predict data that can be highly beneficial in various aspects of your business, such as in understanding your customers better, fetching valuable insights, identifying trends with your existing datasets, analyzing and extracting information from images or documents, and more.

Catalyst Zia services is a part of the Catalyst development platform that bundles together multiple, on-demand, programmable backend components. These components can be easily integrated into your existing application code base, enabling you to implement advanced AI/ML capabilities into your application with minimal efforts from your end.

Catalyst, as a whole, serves as a complete end-to-end solution that provides services right from an application’s development and testing phases, to its deployment and monitoring phases. The setup and management of the underlying server resources utilized for these applications are entirely handled by Catalyst, thereby completely eliminating the infrastructure, maintenance costs and efforts from your end.

Note : You can explore the other Catalyst services such as Catalyst Cloud Scale, Catalyst Serverless, Catalyst DevOps and more, and the components in them. Catalyst services can either be used independently, or be integrated with one another to build highly functional and robust applications and micro services from scratch.

Catalyst Zia components can be accessed from an unified and user-friendly console that enhances your usage experience, and enriches collaboration between team members contributing to an application. You can easily test Zia components in the Catalyst console with sample data sources before implementing them in your application. This helps you understand the functionality of each component better.

Catalyst also provides support for both web-based and mobile-based applications, that includes platforms such as Android and iOS.

You can integrate the functionalities of the Zia components in your application seamlessly by incorporating the readily available sample SDK code templates in the following programming environments :

These functionalities can also be accessed through their API endpoints.

You can quickly get started with Catalyst Zia using this quick start guide.

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