Examples of How Catalyst Cloud Scale Can Improve Businesses

  1. Improving Customer Engagement
    In any business, customer engagement plays a pivotal role in ensuring paying customers are retained. If there is a lack of engagement, the chances are high that businesses miss out on building and securing regular customers. With Catalyst Cloud Scale, you can build an effective customer engagement system. For example, if you have a list of users that have subscribed to your business, present in a CSV file, regularly maintained by the customer facing employees. For better customer engagement you can use the customer list in the CSV file and send them thank you emails or promotional content. You can do this quickly and easily by building a microservice using Cloud Scale. The microservice can operate in a manner where once the file is uploaded, an Event Listeners triggers an event function that performs a bulk write operation in the Data Store. From the data gathered here, using components like Mail and Push Notifications, you can send emails and push notifications to your customers from within your application. Furthermore, using Cron you can also ensure these emails are sent periodically, ensuring consistent engagement.

  2. Simplifying Recruitment Processes
    Companies often have to invest time and resources in filtering their potential candidates by conducting several rounds of interviews or other forms of assessments. The task of keeping track of individual prospects’ progress and updating them can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, this arduous task can be streamlined and simplified by building a recruiter application using Catalyst Cloud Scale. The application can be built in a manner where you use the Authentication component to authenticate directly and add prospective candidates to your recruitment app by sending them invite emails using the Email Template feature. You can also comprehensively secure all end points of your application using API Gateway. Using Cron, Push Notifications and Mail you periodically alert candidates on their upcoming assessments instead of handling this task manually. The Data Store can be used to store candidates information. In the event where a candidate scores a failing grade, an Event Listeners can be used to execute an event function to send an email through Mail informing the candidate. Using the Roles feature in Authentication you can then deactivate the failed candidate’s credentials and revoke their access to the application. Furthermore, using Mobile Device Management, you can host this application as an iOS, Android, or a Flutter app, and the Web Client Hosting component will enable you to host the application as a Web app.

  3. Generating Awareness on Safe-Usage of Drugs
    The health care industry consistently puts out various prescription drugs each year. Sometimes, it can be daunting for patients to know which over-the-counter drugs are FDA approved and safe to use. However, using Cloud Scale, you can create a Catalyst application that notifies users on the viability of these drugs. The Data Store component is a powerful relational database system that can store all the necessary information. Search and Query Console can be used to modify and sort through the vast volume of data. File Store can contain certain application data like images of drugs or other information that can be retrieved and displayed to the user. You can also automate the process of periodically updating the Data Store to remain on par with newer drugs using the Cron component.

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