Catalyst Cloud Scale


Catalyst Cloud Scale is a service by the Catalyst development platform that contains a host of components to provide you with application storage, security, automation, and hosting solutions. Cloud Scale offers you a complete Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) support, and ensures you manage your resources optimally. Catalyst enables you to focus more on building your application logic without concerning yourself with backend set up or infrastructure requirements.

With Catalyst, you have access to a highly-integrated, user-friendly console from where you can create and manage the complex functionalities of your application. You can perform several actions such as configuring an automated job scheduler or user authentication, executing database queries, or even managing a powerful relational database easily from the console.

Building your application with Catalyst Cloud Scale ensures you have the freedom to initialize, create, and develop projects locally using the Catalyst CLI, in addition to the console. You can work with several Cloud Scale components through the CLI and deploy your project to the remote console, as and when required. You can also access the Cloud Scale components through code using Catalyst SDKs and APIs. Catalyst offers server-side SDK support in the following programming environments:

You can also build client applications with the client SDKs that Catalyst provides:

You can host the web apps, and the mobile apps with Web Client Hosting and Mobile Device Management.

Note: Along with Cloud Scale, Catalyst provides you with a host of other services like Catalyst Serverless, Catalyst Zia Services, Catalyst DevOps and more, each providing you with a different set of features and components that aid you through the various stages of your application building and management. You can try implementing some Catalyst components and start building simple microservices using our Tutorials section.

You can start building applications using Catalyst Cloud Scale by accessing this Quick-Start Guide.

Note: Push Notifications and Mobile Device Management are currently not available to Catalyst users accessing from the EU, AU, IN, or CA data centers.

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