Components of Catalyst Cloud Scale






As represented above, Catalyst Cloud Scale contains the following components, each aimed at aiding various facets of application building:

Storage Components

Catalyst Cloud Scale offers storage solutions by providing you with File Store, to store app data in the form of files and folders, and a powerful relational database management service called Data Store. Additionally, you can also employ Cache, a storage component for ephemeral data storage, and database tools like ZCQL Query Console to handle database operations. You can also use the Search component to perform search operations in the indexed columns of the Data Store.

Security & Identity Components

Components like Authentication enable you to implement multiple user authentication methods easily and manage the end-users of your application. You also benefit from a powerful API management tool, API Gateway, which enables you to create and define custom APIs to access the endpoints of your application.

Trigger Components

Catalyst Cloud Scale offers Cron, an automated job scheduling component, and Event Listeners, an event bus service that can listen for specific events and automatically execute operations based on your configurations.

Notification Components

With Mail, you can engage with your end-users by sending emails from within the application itself, and configuring SMTP settings and custom domains of the sender’s email client directly from the console. You can also test and configure push notifications to send to your end users using the Push Notifications component.

Host & Manage Components

Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables you to easily host Android, iOS, and Flutter apps from Catalyst, and the Web Client Hosting hosts the client component of a Catalyst web application and enables you to manage its versioning. You can use the Domain Mappings component to map your application’s domain with the production URL of the Catalyst application and let users access the application securely through that domain.

Note: Push Notifications and Mobile Device Management are currently not available to Catalyst users accessing from the EU, AU, IN, or CA data centers.

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