The Java programming environment includes a variety of frameworks that contain pre-written classes, templates, packages, and structure upon which you can build your own code. As mentioned earlier, Catalyst enables you to initialize or add an AppSail service in one of these two formats:

After you select the Java stack while initializing an app service, you can select one of these options. However, you can still build your Java application with any frameworks; incorporate any libraries, modules, or dependencies; generate it as any standard package; and follow any editions you require.

Note: When you use the Java WAR template for deploying your Java application exported as a WAR file, you need not embed a Java web server in your application, as AppSail will bundle your application with a server by default. If you choose Java SE as your template for all other Java application formats, such as a JAR file, you will need to include an embedded server in your application.

The Java help guide contains step-by-step instructions on building basic sample apps with some of the most popular frameworks, using popular Java web servers in them, and deploying these apps as AppSail services, and configuring startup commands as required.


Depending on the framework, server, and edition you use in these examples, you will need to ensure that you have all the prerequisites installed in your local machine.

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