Use Cases

Catalyst Circuits can be used for a variety of purposes in your Catalyst application. The following are some use cases of Catalyst circuits:

  • A data processing application implements Catalyst circuits to execute jobs involving a large volume of input data and heavy computations, and generates a large volume of output data. It uses the batch processing feature in the circuits to perform a robust and effective execution of the Basic I/O functions. The complex workflow is also broken down into multiple circuits that are nested within each other for a better organization of the application’s logic.

  • An application that performs routine backups, installations, and upgrades periodically uses Catalyst circuits to automate the tasks to be executed in the background. The scheduling is handled by Catalyst Cron and cron functions, and they are coded to trigger the circuit’s API. The circuit handles all the recurring tasks like data synchronization and patch management automatically. It also responds to timeouts and errors, and retries failed tasks.

  • An event-driven application that sends custom emails to clients, and performs tasks based on the occurrence of specific events or conditions implements Catalyst circuits. It uses the branch functionality to execute different actions based on the conditions, and processes functions in parallel to achieve multiple outcomes simultaneously.

Catalyst Circuits can also be implemented in the following scenarios:

  • Applications that contain distributed microservices for performing independent operations requiring occasional collaboration
  • Tools that consolidate and refine datasets from multiple data sources and perform detailed analytics
  • Applications that train and generate machine learning models
  • DevOps and IT automation tools that perform continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Automating tasks such as report generation, inventory tracking, order fulfilment and tracking, receipt generation in e-commerce applications
  • Automating tasks such as user management, sending custom push notifications based on specific conditions, and user-generated file management in applications

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