Python is one of the leading and most in-demand programming languages in the world, used in a wide variety of domains for numerous applications. Python’s popularity is reflected in the vast collection of frameworks available for the programming environment, which can be broadly grouped into full-stack frameworks, microframeworks, or asynchronous frameworks. Each group of frameworks, and each individual framework, serves specific requirements with their unique features and advantages.

Python frameworks are equipped with pre-written libraries, templates, plugins, and features upon which you can build your own code. Based on your application needs, you can opt for the right framework.

AppSail does not provide any templates for specific Python frameworks, and therefore does not contain any framework restrictions. You can build your app service using any Python technology that you prefer, and incorporate any libraries, plugins, extensions, or dependencies. You can then directly select a Python runtime while initializing the app service in the CLI, and deploy it to AppSail.

The Python help guide contains step-by-step instructions on building basic sample apps with some of its most popular frameworks, deploying these apps as AppSail services, and configuring startup commands as required.


Download and install Python on your local machine.

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