• Gain a 360-Degree Advantage with a Flexible PaaS

Catalyst provides end-to-end benefits by facilitating developers to leverage any service from the Catalyst ecosystem as needed for their apps, and host them onto Zoho’s tried-and-tested infrastructure, while enabling them to build solutions in their own terms for the most affordable prices on the market. With AppSail’s disruptive technology, you truly gain a scalable, reliable, and robust platform to run your innovations in a fully-managed environment.

  • Build and Deploy Services of any Scale for any Verticals

AppSail’s multi-platform, framework-agnostic, versatile approach combined with a powerful and resilient backend backed by Zoho ensures you can build solutions of any scale for an array of industry verticals, use cases, and requirements. These range from simple microservices and independent software modules built by factoring large applications, to interactive and dynamic cloud apps, enterprise software, business suites, and more.

  • Expedite Solutions with Optimal Efficiency

AppSail reduces your time to market substantially by enabling you to perform seamless deployments with zero downtime of any functional software you build, including pre-existing solutions, with a few simple steps and in a hassle-free manner. You can deploy your AppSail services to production just as easily, and make them readily available to your consumer market. Catalyst ensures an efficient and a cost-effective platform.

  • Migrate Existing Applications onto Catalyst with Ease

The convenience of utilizing a PaaS that supports independent applications of any framework, allows for you to migrate solutions from other platforms efficiently. Based on your business requirements, you can choose to avail Catalyst for all your development needs and transfer your existing applications from external platforms.

  • Incorporate App Services with Existing Business Logic

AppSail also provides you with the added advantage of plugging in new functionalities and enhancements into your existing Catalyst projects and applications, without requiring you to host the app services as completely-independent entities. This allows for a streamlined implementation and execution of tightly-coupled services.

  • Drilled-down Insights and Control of Service Instances

The statistics and execution history that AppSail provides pertaining to the service instances that were spawned for your app through graphs, such as the duration of instance runs, the request count made to a service, etc, enables you to gather valuable details from a birds-eye view, and make critical and timely decisions for your business. Catalyst also allows you to make highly-customizable configurations for your service’s execution tailored to your own requirements.

  • Perform Logging, Monitoring, and other DevOps Management

You can avail the Catalyst DevOps service and access components like Logs to view detailed execution logs for your AppSail services. Catalyst Serverless works well with DevOps and facilitates effective operations management in the pre- and post-production phases.

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