You can access and customize security rules definitions for each function from the Catalyst console. As mentioned earlier, the security rules definitions are created for a function automatically when it is created. Similarly, if you delete a function, Catalyst will delete its security rules definitions automatically.

Modify Definitions in Security Rules

To modify security rules definitions for a Basic I/O or Advanced I/O function in Catalyst:

  1. Navigate to Security Rules under FAAS in the Catalyst Serverless console.

Security Rules- Modify Security Definitions

  1. Modify the definitions as required.

Security Rules- Modify Security Definitions

  1. Click Save.

The modified definitions will be applied for the function.

You must follow these guidelines while configuring definitions in Security Rules:

  • You must follow the syntax of a JSON file format while configuring security rules.
  • If you delete the methods or authentication parameters from the file, the default configurations will be automatically enabled for your function.
  • You will not be able to provide any values for a parameter which are not the supported values.

The console will display an error if you violate any of these guidelines.

The editor window enables auto-completion of your code, and also provides tools that enrich your coding experience. Right-click on the editor window to open the tools.

Security Rules- Modify Security Definitions

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