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Browse through frequently asked questions and find quick solutions to common queries and challenges on working with Catalyst Serverless.

How do I send the request body to my Basic I/O function?
For Basic IO functions, the request data should be sent via the query parameters using the GET method. If you need to make native HTTP requests to your function, then you can try using Advanced I/O functions in Catalyst. Advanced I/O functions can handle native HTTP requests and responses and you can send your request payload as per your requirement.
How do I invoke an Event function?
Event Functions can only be invoked when the event that you configured an Event Listener has occurred. If the event you require has not occurred yet, you can perform an appropriate operation that will trigger the event listener to invoke the event function automatically. You can also test event functions from the CLI by passing sample payloads and validating their execution.
How do I invoke my circuit using the Circuit URL?
You can invoke or execute your circuit through the API with a POST request using the Circuit URL as the request URL, and by passing the input through the request body in the JSON format along with the access token for the authorization of the request. You can also invoke your circuit inside your business logic using the Execute Circuit SDK method for the platform you require. The Catalyst console also enables you to test your circuit by passing input JSON and verifying the output.
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