Before you begin working with Catalyst Android SDK, you must ensure that you meet all the following prerequisites:

Note: You can host one Android app and one iOS app in each project. The Android or iOS can either be built natively with the Catalyst Android or iOS SDKs, or with Catalyst Flutter SDK.
  • Create or import an Android project in Android Studio

  • Ensure that your Android project and Android Studio meet these minimum supported environments:

    • Android Studio- 3.1.1 or later
    • OS- Android 21 (Lollipop 4.4)
    • Kotlin- 1.3.20
    • Gradle- 3.4.0

After you have configured the prerequisite environments, you can register your app with Catalyst and download the configuration file that is provided tailored to your app. You must include this configuration file in your Android app’s structure, as it will contain the definitions of certain properties required for your app to function properly.

We will discuss these steps in detail in the setup section.

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