Exceptions are unexpected faulty behaviors that occur during the app execution. All errors and exceptions in Catalyst Android apps are handled by enumerations called ZCatalystException, defined in the Android SDK package.

If an exception occurs in your app, the following properties of the exception are returned:

  • code: Unique identifier of the error
  • errorMsg: General description about the error
  • errorDetails: Additional information about the error
  • originalException: The actual exception that was thrown

A list of common error codes thrown by the Catalyst Android SDK and their descriptions are given below:

Error Codes Descriptions
INITIALIZATION_ERROR The SDK initialization failed
LOGIN_ERROR The login process failed for the user
LOGOUT_FAILED The logout process failed for the user
TOKEN_FETCH_ERROR Failed to fetch the access token
RESPONSE_PARSE_ERROR The received response is non-parseable
NO_NETWORK_AVAILABLE Network connectivity is not available to make the API call
API_FAILED The API invocation failed
INVALID_DATA The data submitted is not of a valid type for the specific format
FILE_SIZE_EXCEEDED The file size of an uploaded file exceeded the 100 MB file size limit
FUNCTION_EXECUTION_ERROR Failed to execute the function
JSON_EXCEPTION The body included in the request is not a valid JSON
INVALID_REQUEST The request created is not valid
INVALID_FILE_INPUT File submitted in the upload operation is not valid
INTERNAL_ERROR An internal error occurred in the SDK
INVALID_CONFIGURATION The SDK has not been initialized with the configuration required for the login. Reinitialize the SDK with the appropriate configuration for the login.
CUSTOM_LOGIN_DISABLED The parameters required for third-party authentication could not be found. Make sure you have enabled third-party authentication for the project or re-download the property file.

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