Catalyst Authentication is a component of Catalyst Cloud Scale that enables you to add end-users to your application, customize app login and sign-up forms, manage user accounts and roles, and ensure secure access throughout your application.

Create a New User Instance

You can create a new user instance, and enable the methods defined in this class to access the instance object. This will prevent unnecessary server calls.

You must pass the user’s details to the newUser() method as shown in the code structure below. You must pass the user’s email address and last name mandatorily to create the instance successfully.

ZCatalystApp.getInstance().newUser( lastName: String, email:String ): ZCatalystUser


  • lastName: The last name of the new user
  • email: Email address of the user, to which the invitation mail will be sent

A sample code snippet is shown below:

val user = ZCatalystApp.getInstance().newUser("Burrows", "")

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