Catalyst Serverless

Catalyst Serverless allows you to experience powerful Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud services. This pro-code, cloud-powered service provides the components and the backend support for engineering anything from a basic microservice, data processing workloads, and web apps, to robust enterprise-level applications. You can easily engineer your entire application on the secure Catalyst Serverless platform, and perform monitoring and operations management through Catalyst DevOps.

In the Catalyst Serverless application building environment, the infrastructure is automatically tailored to your requirements. Serverless will automatically scale up or scale down depending on the load to ensure your application has the optimum server infrastructure required to always run smoothly, and this enables you to manage your solution in a cost effective manner. Catalyst also eliminates the risk of incurring costs for server downtime, and ensures you only pay for the services you avail by only billing you for the API calls made to your application’s endpoints.

Using Serverless components, you can code your business logic in a manner that is tightly coupled with the rest of the application’s code or as independent software modules, based on your business needs. Catalyst provides you with high-end security, a powerful and reliable infrastructure, and a well-integrated and accesible development platform that cater to enhance your coding experience.

Catalyst Serverless aims to ease your efforts in building and hosting a service end-to-end by providing you with essential toolkits that enable you to easily incorporate all other Catalyst services and components in your business logic. You can build your logic in a Catalyst-specific structure through Catalyst Serverless Functions where your coding efforts are reduced, or in own independent structure and host it through AppSail’s platform.

Serverless also provides end-to-end security to protect the access to the functions, services, and applications you build with Catalyst, preventing your efforts from implementing and maintaining security, such as with Security Rules. You can additionally orchestrate workflows in your applications with the Serverless component called Circuits.

You can code the backend of your applications and services in the following programming environments in Catalyst and avail their SDK toolkits:

You can host your applications as web apps or mobile apps by availing the following SDK toolkits:

You can plug the SDK toolkits into your business logic and utilize all Catalyst features for an efficient, secure development experience.

You can initialize Functions and AppSail services remotely using Catalyst’s powerful CLI and code them using an IDE of your preference. You can also use the highly-integrated Catalyst console to work with Serverless components and manage your projects.

Using our extensive collection of Catalyst APIs, you can quickly access various Catalyst components and implement their functionalities, not only of Serverless’ components, but of other Catalyst services as well, like Catalyst Cloud Scale and Catalyst DevOps.

You can also familiarize yourself with Serverless Functions and other Catalyst services by trying out some of our tutorials.

Get started with Catalyst Serverless, using this Quick Start Guide.

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