Catalyst handles billing for all its services overall, and for all the features in the services that are billable through a monthly billing cycle. There are two different pricing models that you can select from in Catalyst, depending on your requirements and usage.

  • Pay-as-you-go Model: Users will be billed for their exact resource usage in all services, post the consumption

  • Subscription Model: Users pay a fixed subscription fee in advance and purchase resources worth that amount

You can avail of a free tier allowance in both the pricing models that is refreshed on a monthly basis. The free tier provides you with Catalyst resources for free of cost until you exceed the specified hard limits on the utilization of these resources.

Note: You can refer to the Pricing page to check the latest pricing calculations, and the details of each billable component operation. You can check the hard limits of the resources provided in the free tier from the Free Tier page. Catalyst does not impose any other additional or hidden charges besides the pricing stated in that page.

Catalyst monitors your usage and provides you with a consolidated bill for all your projects, that contains a breakdown of the resources you utilized in each feature of each service, along with the charges for the units consumed in both pricing models. The usage here can be regarded as the API calls made or the memory utilized in a specific component, for instance. Some examples include data insertions in the Cloud Scale Data Store, Serverless Function executions, or a file upload operation in the File Store.

Note: Catalyst currently provides the QuickML and ConvoKraft services for completely free of cost, with no charges on usage.

Catalyst supports payments made through various payment methods, depending on your Zoho account’s data center and region. For example, for the accounts registered in the US data center, the supported payment methods include credit cards and PayPal accounts. If the account is registered in the IN data center, payment options also include UPI, Netbanking, and debit cards. You can configure your payment method for your Catalyst account for both payment models, and manage your payments and subscriptions from the Zoho Store.

You can keep a track of your resource usage of all projects in an organization, view reports and cost breakdowns, check forecasts, create budgets, and more from the Billing settings in your Catalyst remote console.

Important Points to Remember: Catalyst had followed only a pay-as-you-go pricing model previously, that included Amount and Credits as the payment units along with the pricing plans of Light User and Heavy User. This old pricing system was applicable until 1 April 2024, for all Catalyst users who had signed up before 31 Dec 2023. The new dual pricing model system mentioned above became applicable from 1 Jan 2024 for the users who signed up in 2024, and from 1 April 2024, to all Catalyst users. The old pricing system is now deprecated.

Users can now select their preferred payment model upon their account signup or during their Catalyst usage. First-time users also get a one-time, USD 250 worth of free resources after they sign up to Catalyst, or subscribe to a plan in the subscription model. This will be utilized upon exhausting the free tier allowance or plan benefit in either payment models.

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