Catalyst provides you with a completely free of charge development platform and a paid production environment. We also follow a pay-as-you-go pricing model for the production where you only pay for the services that you consume, after you deploy the project to production. The services here refer to the individual component calls that are made in your live application.

Because Catalyst does not follow a subscription model, you will not be committing to any contracts or license agreements. The pay-as-you-go model saves you from implementing a trial and error method of subscribing to plans or purchasing features beforehand, when you cannot foresee your requirements in advance.

Catalyst will track your usage in the production and charge you only for the services that you have used, and for as long as you have used them. We do not impose any other additional or hidden charges.

You can keep a track of your production usage in your app, view reports and cost breakdowns, check forecasts, create budgets, and more from the Billing settings in your Catalyst remote console.

Note: You can refer to the Pricing page to check the latest pricing calculations and details of Catalyst components and services.

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