Catalyst CodeLib comprises of independent, on-demand, pre-packaged solutions that can be added to your Catalyst project and quickly leveraged to solve varied use cases. You can choose the required solution for your needs and quickly install them in your Catalyst application by simply executing a command in the Catalyst CLI and performing minimal configurations to instantly leverage the bundled Catalyst resources that are a part of the CodeLib solution.

Each CodeLib solution involves the utilization of various Catalyst components belonging to various Catalyst services, depending on their purpose and functionality. All CodeLib solutions include Catalyst Serverless Functions that are added in your Catalyst project with pre-configured backend logic for the solution’s functioning. You can even modify the existing configurations in the functions code of the CodeLib solutions based on your specific needs. The functions and other Catalyst components are auto-configured and auto-coded in the CodeLib solution. When you install the CodeLib solution, these are automatically added to your project and deployed to the Catalyst console from the CLI.

Catalyst CodeLib solutions help application developers to a great extent by minimizing their time and effort spent in building commonly-used features and functionalites from scratch, as these can be readily incorporated in their applications with minimal configurations. The varied set of CodeLib solutions provided by Catalyst cater to a vast variety of requirements that can arise in simple microservices and web apps, to large enterprise-level business applications. CodeLib solutions are extremely handy and beneficial for a variety of usecases. Using CodeLib, you can enhance and quicken the pace of your application development.

Note: You can access all CodeLib solutions from the Catalyst CodeLib repositories on GitHub

Access CodeLib in the Catalyst Console

Catalyst CodeLib solutions are common to all Catalyst services and are platform-independent. You can access and use the CodeLib solutions irrespective of the Catalyst services and components that you use in your project.

  1. Navigate to CodeLib in your Catalyst project from the console by clicking on the CodeLib icon on the bottom right corner in your project.


This will open the CodeLib repository.


  1. You can now click on the required CodeLib solution to open it.


Note: You can get detailed information on the prerequisites, and the steps to install and configure each CodeLib solution after you open it and click on the How to Use tab.

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