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This tutorial will help you configure an event function for an event listener in your Catalyst project. This will send an automated onboarding email to a user when they sign up for the Catalyst application, Event app.

You can learn about event listeners and event functions in detail from the Event Listeners and Functions help pages.

The client application will look like this:

You can access a working application and test its functioning here: event-functions.zohocatalystapp.com.

We will use the following Catalyst components for the Event app:

  • Mail: To set up the email address from which the automated emails will be sent to users who sign up for the client application
  • Event Listener: Listens for the user sign-up in the app and triggers the event function during each sign-up

Event app includes the following fundamental Catalyst components:

  • Event Function: The Event function coded is in the Node.js programming environment. It sends an automated onboarding email with a link to access the Event App to email addresses configured in Catalyst.
  • Client: The front end of the application that is hosted on Catalyst through web client hosting.

We will use the Catalyst web console and the Catalyst Command Line Interface (CLI) to build this application.

You will be given the code for the files to be included in the function and client components in this tutorial. You will just have to copy the code given here and paste it into the appropriate files as directed.

Application Architecture

The logic is described below:

  1. When a user signs up for your application, a rule in the default event listener is triggered.
  2. This rule associates the user sign-up event to the execution of the event function. The data the user provided when they signed up, such as their name and email address, is passed to the event function by the event listener.
  3. The event function sends an automated email to the user’s email address welcoming them to access the application. The email contains a link which redirects the user to a tour page of the application.

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Min Time to Complete:

20 mins

Difficulty Level:



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