Update Details of a User

Catalyst allows you to modify and update the following details of an end-user:

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • ZAAID: ZAAID or Org ID, is a unique value that is generated by Catalyst to associate with an organization.
  • RoleID: Role ID is the value generated by Catalyst that is assigned to a particular user role.

The SDK snippet below demonstrates updating an end-user’s details using the updateUser() method. The first name of the user is updated in the example below.

The getUserID() method will fetch the User ID of the user. The UserID will be present in the Users > User Management section of the Authentication component.

Ensure the following packages are imported:

import com.zc.component.ZCUserDetail; import com.zc.component.users.ZCUser;
ZCUser user = ZCUser.getInstance(); ZCUserDetail userDetail = user.getCurrentUser(); userDetail.setFirstName("Josh"); user.updateUser(userDetail.getUserId(), userDetail);

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