Update Rows

If a single row or multiple rows are to be updated with one or more column values in a table,updateRows() method is used.

Note: ROWDID should be set to update a row.

Ensure the following packages are imported:

import com.zc.component.object.ZCObject; import com.zc.component.object.ZCRowObject; import com.zc.component.object.ZCTable;
//Create a base Object Instance ZCObject object = ZCObject.getInstance(); //Get a Table Instance referring the table ID on base object ZCTable table = object.getTable(1510000000110121L); // replace table ID //Create a List of RowObjects List rows = new ArrayList(); //Create row instances ZCRowObject row1 = ZCRowObject.getInstance(); ZCRowObject row2 = ZCRowObject.getInstance(); //Set the updated value on the rows referring the ROWIDs row1.set("Name","Amelia S"); row1.set("Age", 19); row1.set("ROWID", 1510000000109113L); // replace row id row2.set("Name", "Walker Don"); row2.set("Age", 19); row2.set("ROWID", 1510000000109115L); // replace row id //Add Rows to the List rows.add(row1); rows.add(row2); //Update Multiple rows in table table.updateRows(rows);

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