Update User Details

Catalyst allows you to modify and update the following details of an end-user:

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • ZAAID: ZAAID or Org ID, is a unique value that is generated by Catalyst to associate with an organization.
  • RoleID: Role ID is the value generated by Catalyst that is assigned to a particular user role.

The SDK snippet below demonstrates updating an end-user’s details using the updateUserDetails(userID, userDetails) method. The first name of the user is updated in the example below.

const userMagament = app.userManagement(); userManagement.updateUserDetails('13749831', { email_id: 'someone@example.com', last_name: 'new last name', zaaid: '1483013413294234', role_id: '843974989234859', first_name: 'fName' });

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